Amended Travel Request (New UI)

These instructions cover how to amend a Travel Request in Concur. An amended travel request is an updated travel request that is added to your original travel request noting additional expenses or changes to your request header.

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Creating a New Travel Request

Step 1: From the Concur dashboard, click on Requests.

Concur dashboard. There is a green arrow pointing towards the "Requests" tab on the top left corner.

Step 2: Click on Create New Request.

Requests dashboard. Highlighted in green, there is a "Create New Request," option located on the left-hand side. There is also a green arrow pointing towards it.

Completing the Request Header

The following steps are tips to consider while filling in the required fields in the Request Header.

Step 1: Once you have created a new request, fill out the required fields (as noted in red) for the Request Header.

Make sure to input all Trip information as stated on the original Travel Request submitted.

Request header tab opened. Including the request header, there are tabs for segments, expenses, approval flow, and audit trail.

Step 2: For Request/Trip Name, input the appropriate Request/Trip Name.

Make sure to follow the proper Naming convention:
[Month] [Year] [Destination].

Example: AUG 2021 Albany, NY.

Request/Trip Name. Within the field, "Aug 2021 Albany, NY" has been inputted.

Step 3: For How will you book your travel?, select Outside of Concur if you do not plan on booking any segments with the Amended request.

"How will you book your travel?" When clicked on, there is a drop-down with two options labeled as "request for online/concur travel booking," and "Request for offline/ctp travel booking." There is a green arrow pointing towards the "Request for offline/ctp travel booking."

Step 4: For Extension of, search for and select your original Travel Request.

You may search according to the Request ID or the Request/Trip Name.

"Extension of" field. When clicked on, there are three options that are clickable. There is a green arrow pointing towards the first option labeled, "Feb 2018 Las Vegas, NV."

Step 5: For Will hotel cost exceed $275 per night, select the appropriate option for your trip.

If you select Yes, you must enter a comment to explain the reason why the hotel cost will exceed $275 per night.

"Will hotel cost exceed $275 per night," there is a drop down with the following three options, "N/A - International travel," "No (excludes taxes and international travel)" and "Yes."

Step 6: Under Trip Type, select the appropriate option for your trip.

"Trip Type" field. There are three separate options to choose from when selected. These options are "In-State," "International," and "Out-of-State."

Step 7: For Start Date and End Date, click on the calendar icon to select the Dates of your trip.

Start date and End date calendar option.

Step 8: Under Report/Trip Purpose, select the appropriate option that most fits the purpose of your trip.

Report/Trip Purpose field. When clicked on, a drop-down emerges listing the various options to choose from.

Step 9: Under Traveler/User Type, select the appropriate option, which best represents the traveler.

Traveler/User type field. When clicked on, there are four options to click on. These options are Faculty, Recruitment, Staff, and Student.

Step 10: Under Purpose, enter the reason for your travel and the reason for the amended request, in the text box provided. 

Purpose field. Within the field, the following is typed out: Attending Adobe Conference to learn about how to build forms. This is an amended request for missing registration expense.

Step 11: Under Main Destination City, enter in the appropriate location of your trip. 

Make sure to select the correct City and State.

Main destination city. Inputted within the text field was the following: Albany, New York.

Step 12: Under State, enter the appropriate state for your trip.

If you will be traveling internationally, select the International option from the list.

State field. When clicked on, a drop-down emerges. The state New York was selected.

Step 13: Once you are finished filling out the Request Header, click on the Create button.

When you are finished filling out the Request Header, click on the Create button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Adding Travel Expenses

Step 1: If you need to add an expense(s) to your original Travel Request, click on the Add button. 

Green highlight showing where you can select the Add button. It is located below Expected Expenses.

Step 2: The list will display and you can select the expenses that you need to add to your amended travel request.

This can be Travel Expenses, Transportation, Meals, or Other

For more information on how to add expenses to the amended travel request, refer to the Adding Expenses to a Travel Request for more information.

Travel Request. There is a list of expenses that are available for you add to the travel request.

If you need to allocate an expense, refer to the Allocating Expenses Travel Request Instructions for more information.

Submitting Travel Requests for Approval

Step 1: Once you have finished adding your expenses to the Amended Travel Request, select Submit Request. 

Top right-hand corner of the Travel Request. There are two options to select from. These two options are copy request and submit request. The last option, submit request, is highlighted in green.

Step 2: You will need your Amended Travel Request approved by your designated approver before you can link your Amended Travel Request to your expense report.

Refer to Concur Attachments for instructions on how to link your Amended Travel Request to your expense report.

Manage Requests tab. On the green tile, there is a status field that is displaying the following text: Submitted & Pending Approval - Rooney, Ed." This text is highlighted in green, with an arrow pointing towards it.

Need more help?

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