Approved Travel Request Status Check

These instructions cover how to check the status of a travel request in the approval workflow after you have approved the requests.

If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

Accessing Approved Requests

Step 1: Log into Concur using the CSUF Portal. You will see your Concur dashboard, along with the number of approvals that are required to be approved by you as an Approver.

Click on Required Approvals.

Concur Portal. There is a green arrow pointing towards the highlighted option of "Required Approvals."

Step 2: You will see three tabs: Approvals Home, Requests, and Reports. You will also see the number of approvals you need to approve for each tab below.

Select Requests.

Required Approvals has been selected. There are three tabs labeled: Approvals home, Requests, and Reports. There is a green arrow pointing towards the Requests option.

Step 3: In the Requests tab, you will see requests that have been submitted to you for approval.

Click on the View button to find the travel request that you want to check the status of.

You will have the option to see requests that you approved within the past month, quarter, year, etc.

We recommend that you select All Approved Requests. 

Requests Pending your Approval field. The view option is highlighted and zoomed in to the option "All approved requests."

Step 4: Once your page updates, look for the travel request to see where it is at in the approval workflow.  

When you find the travel request, select it.

All Approved Requests field. There is a list of Requests, Employer name, Request ID, Request Dates, and status. There is a green arrow pointing towards the following request: OCT 2018 San Francisco, CA

Step 5: You will see the details of the travel request listed.

Request header field. There is a green square highlighting the entire field.

Step 6: To see where the travel request is at in the approval workflow, click on the Approval Flow tab.

Request tabs. There is a request header, segments, expense summary, approval flow, and audit trail tabs. There is a green square highlighting the approval flow option.

Step 7: If an approver approved the travel request, there would be a date listed below their name.

Approval Flow tab has been opened. There is a green arrow and square highlighting the following, "Direct Manager/Chair/Dept Head." Underneath there is the following, "User-added approver" and"Dean/Direct Manager 2.

Step 7a: If a delegate approved on behalf of the approver, it would show their name and whom they approved for.

Approval Flow tab is opened. Underneath the Direct Manager/Chair/Dept Head tab, there is the following text, "For Langsdorf, William (07/16/2018 Approved)

Step 7b: If the travel request is waiting for approval, the approver’s name will be greyed-out.

Approval Flow tab is opened. There is a green arrow pointing towards the following highlighted text, "User-Added Approver."

Step 8: Depending on who else has to approve the travel request, you can follow-up with the appropriate approvers to advance the process.

Approval flow tab is opened. It is zoomed out so you can see every approver that needs to approve the request.

Need more help?

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