Submitting P-Card Expense Report

These instructions cover how to submit your P-Card Expense Report for approval.

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Table of Contents:

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Step 1: Before submitting your Expense Report, ensure all alerts are resolved.

Make sure all of your expenses have no red exceptions for each icon.

Make sure to clear all of your alerts before you submit your expense report.

Submitting Expense Report

Step 1: Once you reviewed the entire Expense Report and attached all receipts, select the Submit Report button.

Note: Your Expense Report will be submitted to your Approver.

Select the Submit Report button when you ready.

Step 2: A window will pop-up listing the P-Card User Agreement.

Once, you have read the agreement; select the Accept & Continue button. 

Click on the Accept & Continue button

Step 3: A window will pop-up listing the Report Totals that will show a summary of your Expense Report.

Select the Submit Report button.

Select Submit Report button after reviewing the Report Totals.

Step 4: The Report Status window will appear letting you know that your report has been submitted.

Select the Close button when you are ready to continue.

Select the Close button when you are ready to continue.

Step 5: The screen will refresh to the Manage Expenses page.

The status will be indicated on your Expense Report tile

Under Manage Expenses, you will see the report status displayed.

If you need to edit your P-Card Expense Report, click on P-Card Goods & Services Expense Report (UI Upgrade) 

P-Card Expense Report Checklist

If you would like to use a checklist, click on the P-Card Expense Report Checklist.

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