Verify Email Address

These instructions are to show you how to verify your email address in Concur. When you verify your email address, we can associate information forwarded from that email address to your account.

For example, receipts sent by you or your delegate to be uploaded to your account.

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Table of Contents:

If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

Profile Settings

Step 1: Select Profile in the upper right-hand corner.

Concur dashboard statistics

Step 2: Select Profile Settings.

Select the profile settings link

Step 3: Under Profile Options, select the Personal Information link.

Select the personal information link

Verify Email

Step 1: Scroll down to Email Address. 

Email Address field.

Step 2: Under the Verify column, select Verify.

Select the Verify link to verify the email address.

Step 3: A pop-up will display confirming that an email was sent to you.

Click OK.

Pop-up that says the following, "Verification Email Sent."

Step 4: Go to your Outlook and look for an email from:

  • Concur Email Verification ([email protected])
  • Subject: Email Verification from Concur Solutions
Outlook email mailbox. There is an email labeled "Concur Email Verification."

Step 5: Open the email and copy the verification code.

Tip: right click, copy.

Concur Email Verification has been opened.

Step 6: Go back to your Concur Profile.

Verification Status window

Step 7: Paste the code in the Enter Code box and select OK.

Tip: right click, paste.

Enter code and click OK

Step 8: From there, your verification status will change to Verified.

Verification Status has changed to verified.

Need more help?

Contact Concur Support at [email protected] or at 657-278-3600.