Blanket Travel Expense Report

These instructions will cover how to create and submit your monthly Blanket Travel Expense Report in Concur. A Blanket Travel Expense Report will be required if the traveler goes on a business trip in California, within a fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). 

Blanket Travel expenses will only apply to Parking and Mileage.

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If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

Creating Expense Report

Step 1: From the Concur Dashboard, click on the Requests tab.

Select the Requests tab

Step 2: Go to your approved Blanket Travel Request.

Approved requests field in concur

If you have an approved paper Blanket Travel Request, go to Linking Paper Blanket Travel Request for more instructions.

Step 3: On the right-hand side of the coordinating request, click on the Expense link.

Click the Expense link

Report Header

Step 1: In the Report header, change the Policy to State Blanket Travel Policy.

Policy field with state blanket travel new selected.

Step 2: Under the  Blanket Travel Month / Year field, change the naming convention to Blanket Travel [Month][Year].

Ex: Blanket Travel JUL 2019

blanket travel month and year field. Blanket travel july 2019 is inputted.

Step 3: Leave Report Date as the date that you are creating the report.

report date field. August 1st 2019 is inputted.

Step 4: For Month Start Date, change the date to the beginning of the month you are traveling.

month start date field. July 1st 2019 is inputted.

Step 5: For Month End Date, change the date to the end of the month you are traveling.

Month end date field. July 31st 2019 is inputted.

You will submit one report for the entire month.

Step 6: For Trip Type dropdown, leave as In-State selection.

Trip type field. In-State is selected.

Step 7: For Were Registration Fees incurred or paid by the University? dropdown, select the appropriate option.

Were Registration Fees incurred or paid by the University? field. No.

If yes for having a registration fee, a specific Travel Request and Expense Report must be submitted for all the travel expenses, i.e. registration fee, mileage, parking, etc. for this trip.

Step 8: For Report/Trip Purpose dropdown, select Blanket Travel (Mileage and Parking).

Report trip purpose field. Blanket travel was selected.

Step 9: For Event Name / Business Purpose field, type Blanket Travel and your business purpose for driving.

Event name business purpose field

If there are various events/business purposes during one month, the event/purpose for each expense must be noted on the Expense Report.

Step 10: For Mailing Address Current? check the box if your residential address is current in Accounts Payable System to mail your reimbursement check.

Mailing address current field. The checkbox is selected.

Please contact [email protected] to update your residential address if you do not have direct deposit set-up with Accounts Payable.

Step 11: For Division, Department ID, and Fund, make sure you have selected the correct options.

Division, department ID and fund fields are displayed.

Step 12: Enter in the Comment section if you have the following:

  • No Registration Fee for training, workshop, conference, etc.
  • Have approved paper Blanket Travel Request - List the TR#
Comment field. No Registration Fee and TR123456 are inputted as text.

If you have a registration fee, please make sure you create a Travel Request, and add it to Travel Expense Report.

Step 13: Once you have filled everything out, click on the Create Report button.

The Create Report button is displayed, with a green arrow pointing towards it.

Step 14: To confirm that your travel request has been linked to your expense report, you will see a Request box listed under the Report Details.

There is a request box listed under the Report Details

Refer to Linking Travel Request for more information on linking your Blanket Travel Request to your expense report.

Step 15: Once you click on the Request box, you will see your travel request linked to your expense report.

Under the Requests field, a blanket travel request that has been linked.

Linking Paper Blanket Travel Request

This section will cover how to attach an approved paper Blanket Travel Request if your Department or College recently went live with Concur. This process can be skipped if you do not have a paper Blanket Travel Request.

For instructions on how to link your paper blanket travel request, go to Attaching an Approved Paper Blanket Travel Request to an Expense Report

Adding Expenses

For every Expense Report you create, you will be required to input any expenses that incurred for the month that you are reconciling your expenses. 

For instructions on how to add the expenses, click on Adding Blanket Travel Expenses.

Submit Blanket Expense Report

Once you have added all of your expenses, click on Submit Report and it will be sent to your approver(s).

Click on the Submit Report button

Blanket Travel Expense Report Checklist

If you would like to use a checklist, click on Blanket Travel Expense Report Checklist.

Need more help?

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