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These instructions will cover how to complete the Report Header on your Travel Expense Report.

Travelers may request reimbursement for costs incurred before the actual dates of any approved travel by submitting a completed travel expense report, including supporting documentation. You will follow this process below regardless of when the purchases took place.

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Filling out your Report Header

Step 1: After you Create a New Report, you will be required to fill out the Report Header.

Fill in all required and appropriate fields.

  • If you created a new report from scratch or by your available expenses, your Report Header will be blank.
  • If you created your report by your approved Travel Request in Concur, specific information will be automatically populated into your Report Header.
Report header. There are multiple empty fields.

Step 2: Confirm that the appropriate Policy option is selected.

Policy field. State Travel has been selected as the policy.

Step 3: Under Report / Trip Name, make sure the naming convention is listed correctly.

[Month] [Year] Destination

Ex: JUL 2018 San Diego, CA

Report Trip Name field. JULY 2018 San Diego CA has been inputted in the field.

Step 4: Leave Report Date as the date that you are creating the report.

Report Date field. July 24 2018 is inputted.

Step 5: For Report/Trip Start Date, change the date to the date you traveled on.

Report Trip start date field. July 9 2018 has been selected as the date.

Step 6: For Start Time field, enter the general time you would normally leave.

Start Time field. 8 am is inputted.

Make sure you add AM or PM for the Start Time.

Step 7: For Report / Trip End Date, change the date to the date you returned from your trip.

Report/Trip End Date field. July 20 2018 has been inputted as the date.

Step 8: For End Time field, enter the time you would normally return.

End time field. 5:30 pm has been inputted as the time.

Make sure you add AM or PM for the End Time.

Step 9: For Trip Type dropdown, select the appropriate option.

Trip Type field. In-State has been selected as the trip type.

Step 10: For Main Destination City field, type in your main destination city that was listed from your Travel Request.

Main Destination City field. San Diego California has been inputted as the destination.

The main destination city must match exactly with your Travel Request.

Step 11: For Additional Cities/States or Cities/Countries Traveled To field, type in the additional cities and states that you traveled to during your trip.

Additional Cities/States or Cities/Countries Traveled To field.

Report/Trip Purpose

Step 1: For Report/Trip Purpose dropdownselect the option that was listed from your Travel Request.

Report/Trip Purpose field. In the field, the Conference option has been selected.

Step 2: For Event Name / Business Purpose fieldtype in the purpose of your trip. In addition, if you want information to show up in OBIEE, please list it in the Business Purpose.  

Event Name/Business purpose field. In the field, Adobe Conference at San Diego State University has been inputted.

Step 3: For Mailing Address Current?, select the check box if your residential address is current in the Accounts Payable System.

Mailing Address Current? option. The checkbox has been checked.

To confirm if your mailing address is up-to-date, email [email protected].  

Step 4: For Does this trip contain personal travel? dropdownselect the appropriate option.

Does this trip contain personal travel? field. From the no and yes options, no has been selected.

Step 5: For Personal Dates and Locations type in the appropriate information if you had personal travel.

Personal Dates and Locations field. The field has been left empty.

Step 6: For Division, Department ID, and Fund, make sure you have selected the correct options.

The Division, Department ID and Fund fields are shown as required fields.

Step 7: Enter in the Comment section if you have the following:

  • Have approved paper Travel Request-fill in the TR#
  • Any additional details regarding your trip
Comment box. In the box, TR #123456 has been inputted.

Step 8: Once you finish filling out your Report Header, click on the Create Report button.

Under the Division field, there is an option to click on the Create Report button. This button is highlighted in green, and there is a green arrow pointing towards it.

Travel Expense Report Checklist

If you would like to use a checklist, click on the Travel Expense Report Checklist.

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