Travel Expense Report Checklist

A Travel Expense Report will be required if the traveler goes on a University business trip. You must identify all travel expenses that were incurred throughout the trip.


  • Appropriate options were selected in the following fields:
    • Policy - Selected┬áState Travel
    • Report/Trip Name - correct naming convention
      • [Month] [Year] [Destination]
      • Example: SEP 2017 San Diego, CA
    • Report/Trip Start Date
    • Start Time
    • Report/Trip End Date
    • End Time
    • Trip Type
    • Main Destination City
    • Additional Cities/State or Cities/Countries Traveled To
    • Report/Trip Purpose
    • Event Name/Business Purpose
    • Mailing Address Current?
    • Does this trip contain personal travel?
    • Personal Dates and Locations
    • Comment - included personal travel details or paper TR# (if applicable)
    • Division
    • Department ID
    • Fund
  • Attached receipts on certain expenses - required receipts attached
  • Reviewed Expenses
    • Travel expense amount was selected appropriately and within the department's budget.

Ensure these travel expenses have been added (if applicable to the traveler's trip) and reviewed:

  • Nightly rates and taxes have been itemized (required for domestic travel)

Download the form to fill out the required fields

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