Blanket Travel Expense Report Checklist

A monthly Blanket Travel Expense Report will be required if the traveler goes on a business trip in California, within a fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). 

Blanket Travel expenses will only apply to parking and mileage.


  • Appropriate options were selected on the following fields:
    • Policy— selected State Blanket Travel
    • Blanket Travel Month/Year— correct naming convention
      • Blanket Travel [Month] [Year]
      • Example: Blanket Travel APR 2019
    • Month Start Date— selected first day of the month
    • Month End Date— selected last day of the month
    • Trip Type— selected In-State
    • Additional Cities Traveled To
    • Report/Trip Purpose— selected Blanket Travel (Mileage and Parking)
    • Event Name/Business Purpose
    • Mailing Address Current?
    • Comment— included comments about no registration fee for workshops/conferences, or paper Blanket TR# (if applicable)
    • Division
    • Department ID
    • Fund
  • Travel expense amount was selected appropriately and within the departments budget

Ensure these travel expenses have been added (if applicable to the traveler’s trip) and reviewed:

  • Make sure the mileage is within the distance allowed
  • Make sure to enter in departure time and return time

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