Approving Travel Expense Report Checklist

A Travel Expense Report will be required if the traveler goes on a University business trip. The traveler must identify all travel expenses incurred throughout the trip. 


  • Appropriate options were selected in the following fields: 
    • Policy— selected State Travel
    • Report/Trip Name— correct naming convention 
      • [Month] [Year] [Destination]
      • Example: SEP 2017 San Diego, CA 
    • Report/Trip Start Date 
    • Start Time 
    • Report/Trip End Date 
    • End Time 
    • Trip Type 
    • Main Destination City 
    • Additional Cities/State or Cities/Countries Travel To   
    • Report/Trip Purpose 
    • Event Name/Business Purpose 
    • Mailing Address Current? 
    • Does this trip contain personal travel? 
    • Personal Dates and Locations  
    • Comment— included personal travel details or paper TR# (if applicable)
    • Division 
    • Department ID 
    • Fund 
  • Travel expense amount was selected appropriately and within the department’s  budget 
  • Confirmed expense allocations are appropriate (if applicable)

If an expense needs to be allocated, send the request back to the traveler and have the traveler refer to the Allocating Expenses Travel Expense Instructions for more information

Ensure these travel expenses have been added (If applicable to the traveler's trip) and reviewed:

  • Nightly rates and taxes have been itemized (required for domestic travel) 

Download the form to fill out the required fields.

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