Removing Expired Credit Card from Profile Settings

When a credit card that is linked to your Concur account is expired or is expiring, you will be notified through an alert found in your Concur homepage, as shown below:

Alert regarding University P-Card expiring.

To remove the expired credit card, please follow the following steps.

Process of Removing Expired Credit Card

Step 1: Click on Profile, and then click on Profile Settings.

Window to configure profile settings.

Step 2: Go to Personal Information.

Select Personal Information link.

Step 3: Scroll down until you find the section entitled Credit Cards.

If your card is expired, you will notice the following area highlighted:

Select expired credit card

Step 4: To remove your expired credit card, click on the Trash Can symbol.

Click the Trash Can symbol to delete the card

Step 5: A Pop-up will emerge, notifying you if you will like to delete the credit card. Click on OK.

Click OK to delete the card

Step 6: Your card will be deleted, and you will now have the option of adding a new credit card by clicking on Add a Credit Card.

Select Add a credit card link

Step 7: When clicked on, a pop-up will emerge with multiple required fields. Please fill them in accordingly with your new credit card information and then click on Save.

Enter the credit card information
Click the Save button

Step 9: Your new credit card information will then be displayed.

New credit card information shown

Need more help?

Contact Concur Support at [email protected] or at 657-278-3600.