Approving P-Card Expense Report

These instructions will cover how to approve a P-Card Expense Report. To determine what is considered goods & services, please refer to the link below for more information.

At the end of the instructions, there are reminders on what to check as an approver.

A P-Card Goods/Services Expense Report will be required for any goods and/or service purchases made on your P-Card. This Expense Report will serve the same purpose as the P-Card Reconciliation Packet.

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Accessing Required Approvals

Step 1: You will see your Concur dashboard, along with the number of approvals that are required to be approved by you as an Approver.

Click on Required Approvals.

Arrow pointing towards number of approvals required.

Step 2: You will see three tabs: Trips, Requests, and Expense Reports. You will also see the number of approvals you need to approve for each tab.

Select Expense Reports.

Arrow pointing towards number of expense reports.

Step 3: In the Expense Reports tab, you will see Expense Reports that have been submitted to you for approval.

Click on the appropriate item.

In this example, JUL 2017 P-Card is selected.

When reviewing Expense Reports, select Expense Reports that have the [Month] [Year] Pcard as the naming convention.

Zoom in of a list of expense reports. Green arrow pointing towards a P-card expense report.

Step 4: If you have a delegate set-up to preview expense reports, you will see a checkmark listed next to the report indicating that it is ready for you to review.

Arrow pointing towards checkmark on left side of a Pcard expense report.

Step 5: After you click on the Expense Report, you can review Details and Receipts by clicking on any of the dropdowns. You can also download a PDF version of the Expense Report by clicking on Print/Email.

See Reviewing Expenses for a more detailed explanation on what to review in Details and Receipts.

Zoom in of links above expenses in Expense Report.

Reviewing Expenses

While reviewing expenses, it is highly recommended to review the entire Expense Report, with particular attention to:

  • Details
  • Report Header 
  • Expenses  
  • Line Item 
  • View Receipts 

All expenses should be reviewed for the following:

  • P-Card expense amount was selected appropriately
  • P-Card expense amount is within the department’s budget
  • Expense(s) have been itemized and match with the amount spent
  • Receipts are attached to every expense

Report Header

Step 1: To review the Report Header, click on Details in your Expense Report.

Zoom in of links on expense report page. Arrow pointing towards Details link on top left corner of page.

Step 1a: Click on Report Header under the Report section.

Arrow pointing to dropdown menu in Details tab on Pcard expense report.

Step 1b: A pop-up window will appear.

You will see the Report Header of the Expense Report.

While reviewing the Report Header, check the areas for the following:

  • Correct naming convention
  • Correct billing cycle dates
  • Appropriate options were selected on all fields

If any of the information needs to be changed, refer to Send Back to User for instructions on sending feedback of the report back to the user.

Once you are done, click on the X.

Report header for Pcard expense report. On the top right hand corner, the "X" button is highlighted, and there is a green arrow pointing towards it.

Expenses: Line Item

Step 1: Each P-Card expense is required to be itemized.

To review the expenses, determine an expense you want to review.

Then click on the drop-down arrow next to the expense.

Example: Click on the drop-down arrow in IT Goods.

Zoom in of expenses in Pcard expense report. Green arrow pointing towards arrow which shows itemization for entry.

Step 1a: You will see P-Card transactions that were itemized under IT Goods.

Click on that itemization.

Pcard expense report. Arrow pointing towards an itemization for an expense.

Step 1b: An Itemization tab will appear on the right side of the Expense Report.

Review the fields to ensure correct information was entered.

Once you are done reviewing the itemization, proceed to do the same process on other expenses.

Opened Itemization tab to the left of expenses list. Zoom in with filled fields.

Expenses: View Receipts

Step 1: To review the Receipts, click on Receipts in your Expense Report.

Zoom in of Expense Report title and links. Green arrow pointing to Receipts link.

Step 1a: You can select either View Receipts in new window or View Receipts in current window, depending on your preference.

In this example, select View Receipts in new window.

Receipts tab opening to dropdown menu. Arrow pointing to View Receipts in new window option.

Step 1b: A pop-up window will appear.

You will see all of the receipts attached to the Expense Report.

It is recommended to select each expense to review the receipts individually.

Once you are done, click on the X.

Green arrow pointing to Exit button on top right corner.

Step 1c: To review the receipts individually, click on one of the expenses.

Zoom in of expense entry on Pcard expense report. Green box highlighting a Pcard expense entry.

Step 1d: Next, click on the Receipt Image tab.

This will show an image of your receipt of the expense.

Make sure the expense amount matches with the receipt.

Ensure there are attachments for the following expenses:

  • IT Authorization # / Email Confirmation
  • Directive 11 (D11)
  • Q# / Email Confirmation
  • Membership Justification Form
  • Lost/Missing Receipt Form
  • Receipts
Expense tab for Pcard expense entry. Green arrow pointing to Receipt Image tab. A window opens up with an attached receipt image.

Approving Options

After reviewing all the tabs, you will see three options:

  • Approve
  • Approve & Forward
  • Send Back to User

The Approve button will approve the Expense Report, and move it to the next approver or notify the employee that the report has been approved.

  • If you do not need to add additional approvers, proceed to Approving.

The Approve & Forward button will approve the Expense Report on your end and will forward the approval request to the next Approver (that you will designate).

  • This option is best for situations where another department is paying for your employee’s expenses.
  • If you are the Approver for your employee, but another department is paying for your employee’s expenses, proceed to Approving & Forwarding.

The Send Back to User button will send the Expense Report back to the user.

  • Select this option if the employee needs to make corrections on the Expense Report.
  • If you are sending the Expense Report back, proceed to Send Back to User.


Step 1: After you reviewed the employee’s Expense Report, select Approve.

Pcard expense report. Green arrow pointing towards Approve button on top right corner of page.

Step 1a: A confirmation window will pop-up, asking you to accept or decline the Approver Electronic Agreement. Please read and respond.

Click on the Accept button to approve the Expense Report.

Confirmation window pops up. Green arrow pointing towards Accept button.

Approving and Forwarding

Step 1: After you reviewed the employee’s Expense Report, select Approve & Forward.

Zoom in of buttons located on upper right corner of page. Green arrow pointing to Approve & Forward button.

Step 1a: After you click on the Approve & Forward, a pop-up window will appear (as shown on the right).

Pop up window appears. Field to input user-added approver.

Step 1b: Click in the User-Added Approver field, and another field will appear below.

The field below is where you can determine what category you would like to search by.

Click on the drop-down arrow by that field.

Green arrow pointing to down arrow. Dropdown menu appears with selections.

Step 1c: In this step, First Name was selected.

Do not forget to add a short comment to notify the alternate approver.

Click Approve & Forward.

Name appears upon typing. Green arrow pointing towards Approve & Forward button.

Send Back to User

Step 1: Select Send Back to User button when there are red exceptions, such as:

  • Receipts/attachments are not attached to certain expenses
  • Wrong naming convention
  • Expenses not identified
  • Expense amount is unreasonable (comments need to be added)
  • Incorrect billing cycle dates
Zoom in of buttons located on top right corner of page. Green arrow pointing towards Send Back To User button.

Step 1a: Type in the reason you are sending the Expense Report back to the user in the comment section.

Then click OK. 

Send Back Report page. Green box highlighting required Comment field.

Approving P-Card Goods and Services Expense Report Checklist

If you would like to use a checklist, click on Approving P-Card Goods and Services Expense Report Checklist.  

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