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Approving P-Card Goods and Services Expense Report

A monthly P-Card Goods/Services Expense Report will be required if any goods and/or services purchases are made on your P-Card. This Expense Report will serve the same purpose as the P-Card Reconciliation Packet.


  • Correct billing cycle dates 
  • Appropriate options were selected in the following fields: 
    • Policy— selected State P‐Card
    • Report Name— correct naming convention 
      • Format: [Month] [Year] Pcard 
      • Example: Sep 2017 Pcard
    • Billing Period Start Date
    • Billing Period End Date
    • Division
    • Department ID
    • Fund 
  • P‐Card expense amount was selected appropriately 
  • P‐Card expense amount is within the department’s budget 
  • Expense(s) have been itemized and match with the amount spent 
  • Confirmed expense allocations are appropriate (if applicable)

If an expense needs to be allocated, send the request back to the traveler and have the traveler refer to the Allocating Expenses Travel Expense Instructions for more information 

  • Receipts are attached to every expense

Check for any expense requiring the following attachments:

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