Adding Additional Approvers

These instructions cover how an employee can add additional approvers to a workflow for approving requests or reports. Adding additional approvers is required if there are other funds, departments, or divisions paying for expenses.

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If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur. 

Adding Approvers inside an Expense Report

Step 1: From the Concur dashboard, click on Expense. 

Select the expense tab

Step 2: Click on the Expense Report that needs additional approvers added.

Select the expense report

Step 3: Click on Report Details dropdown and select Report Timeline.

Select Report Timeline under Report Details

Step 4: The Report Timeline window will display, select Edit next to Approval Flow.

Contact Concur Support for assistance on adding an approver on a Travel Expense Report.

Select Edit

Step 5: Edit Approval Flow window will display, select + Add Step to add an approver that needs to approve the expense report. Employees can choose where an approver can be added in the workflow.


Note: The employee needs to have an approval role in Concur to appear in the dropdown list.

Select Add Step

Step 6: To add an approver you can filter or search by Last Name, First Name, Email Address, Login ID, and Employee ID.

Search for the approver to add

Step 7: Once the approver has been added you can repeat steps 4-6 to add additional approvers.

Note: You can add multiple approvers in the same location of the workflow.

Select the additional approver

Step 8: Once you have added your additional approvers, click on the Save button.

Select the Save button

Step 9: Click on the Close button to return to the expense report expense.

Select the Close button

Step 10: You can finish completing your expense report and submit it for approval by clicking on the Submit Report button.

Select the Submit Report button

Need more help?

Contact Concur Support at [email protected] or at 657-278-3600.