Big Sur OS Update for Apple Laptops and Global Protect

As of November 12, 2020, Apple has released the new Big Sur OS Update for users to download on their Mac devices. It has been reported, however, that after installing the new OS update, there have been issues connecting to GlobalProtect.

In this quick guide, we will walk you through the solution on how to regain connectivity to GlobalProtect on your Mac device.

Let's get started!

Table of Contents

What does Connection failed look like?

If after you have installed the Big Sur update, you may notice that after trying to connect to GlobalProtect, the connection is unsuccessful.

GlobalProtect connecting

To help fix that connection, please proceed below. 

Uninstalling GlobalProtect

Step 1: To help regain connectivity, you will need to begin by uninstalling GlobalProtect. To do so, begin by downloading the original GlobalProtect installation file.

Step 2: From there, run the installation file and select "Uninstall GlobalProtect" from the menu to uninstall GlobalProtect.

Uninstall GlobalProtect

Step 3: Next, click on Continue, and the software will uninstall.

Uninstall GlobalProtect

Re-Installing GlobalProtect

Step 4: Once you have successfully uninstalled GlobalProtect, you will need to then re-install it on your device.

For instructions on how to install, please go to Install Global Protect for Mac.

If you experience issues in installing GlobalProtect, please go to Security & Privacy and make sure that App Store and identified developers is selected.

Check the App Store and Identified developers radio button

Connecting to GlobalProtect

The next time that you try to connect to GlobalProtect after it has been re-installed, you will see that it is successful.

Connecting to GlobalProtect pop-up. The connection is shown to be successful

Need to check for additional updates?

Occasionally, there will be additional updates that need to be run. If you will like to check for updates in GlobalProtect, please follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Click on the GlobalProtect icon, and then click on About.

About GlobalProtect

Step 2: From there, you will click on Check for Updates.

Click the Check for Updates button

Step 3a: If there is no need for an update, you will see the following pop-up and will only need to click on OK. From there, there is no further action until there is a new update.

GlobalProtect pop-up. There is a green arrow pointing towards the ok button

Step 3b: If there is a need for an update, you will see the following pop-up and will need to click on Yes.

GlobalProtect Update pop-up

Step 4: Once the new update is installed, you will see the following notification, which can be dismissed by checking on the "Do not show this again" box.

GlobalProtect CSUF pop-up

That's it!