Forwarding your Office line to a Cell phone

Here is a brief list of solutions for Call forwarding options.

Accessing Voicemail

Step 1: Press the Voicemail button.

Step 2: Enter your Voicemail password.

Press * if you want to access a voicemail box for a different extension than the one you are calling from.

Accessing Voice Portal

Step 3: Dial 657-278-2525

Step 4: Press *

Step 5: Enter the campus extension

Step 6: Enter the voicemail password

Access Call Forward All (CFA)

You will have the following options:

  • Press 1 - Activate
  • Press 2 - Deactivate
  • Press 4 - CFA Destination Number

Step 7: Press 4

From your Phone

Step 8: *72 to activate, followed by 10-digit number

Step 9: *73 to deactivate


If you have any questions, please contact Telecommunications at [email protected], or at 657-278-4357.

Please include a name, email, and/or phone number.