Computer Power & Sleep Settings

These instructions cover how to set your work station to not sleep.

1. At the bottom left of your computer screen, click on the Windows flag icon.

Green highlights showing location of Windows icon.

2. Type in the Search bar: Power & Sleep Settings.

Highlights showing how to type in Power & Sleep Settings.

3. Under Screen, confirm that "when plugged in, turn off after:" is selected as never.

Green highlight showing location of Screen settings being set to never.

4. Go to Additional Power Settings on the right.

Green highlights showing Additional power settings location.

5. Under Balanced, select Change plan settings.

Green highlight showing location of Change plan settings.

6. Confirm that Never under Turn off the display is selected.

Green highlight showing turn off the display to never.

7. Click on Change advanced power settings.

Green highlight showing change advanced power settings to never.

8. For Turn off hard disk after, it should be set to 0 minutes.

Green highlight showing hard disk settings set to zero minutes.

9. Select Sleep and confirm that Hibernate after settings is set to Never.

Green highlight showing hibnerate set to never.

10. When you are done click on Apply then Ok to close the screen.

Green highlights showing location of Apply and Ok button.