Next Steps

These instructions cover the next steps that are required after completing the questionnaire.

Reviewing Completed Questionnaire

Step 1: Under SAQ Responses, review your progress and confirm that you have 100% of your questions answered as Yes, with CCW, or N/A.

Merchant Dashboard window with 100% responses

Step 2: If there are any responses listed as "Don't Know," you will need to go to answer those questions.

Merchant Dashboard with Don't Know responses

Marking Questionnaire as Complete

Step 1: After your SAQ Responses reach 0% Don't Know, you will need to notify [email protected] to let them know that you are done with the questionnaire.

Step 2: Under Form Navigation, you do not need to complete Parts 3 and 4. Those will be filled out by the Campus ISA after verification of completion.

Under Form Navigation, it is okay to leave Parts 3 and 4 unanwered.

Step 3: You will receive an email notification letting you know if your questionnaire was accepted or rejected.

  • If your SAQ was rejected, you will need to log in to CampusGuard Portal and make the appropriate changes.
  • If your SAQ was accepted, you will receive a signed version of the questionnaire.

Step 4: If your SAQ was accepted, you will see your SAQ listed under Completed SAQs.

The Completed SAQs view will display and you will see your SAQs listed there.

This concludes the instructions on how to access and complete questionnaires through the CampusGuard Portal. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.