Expense Report Adjustments Expense Type

These instructions cover how to adjust expenses on a travel request and expense report by an amount not to exceed.

Examples of when to use adjustments:

  • Adjusting the amount of an expense when driving instead of flying.
  • The department may use an “amount not to exceed” when it comes to covering the cost of the trip, and the user will need to adjust the total cost of the trip accordingly.

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Expense Report Adjustments

Step 1: From the Concur dashboard, click on the Expense tab.

Select the expense tab

Step 2: Click on the Expense Report that has expenses that need to be adjusted.  

Select the report

Step 3: Click on the Add Expense button.

Select the add expense button

Step 4: A window will pop up, select the Create New Expense tab. A list of expense type options will be listed. Under Other, click on the Adjustment expense.

Select adjustment under 05. Other

Step 5: In the Transaction Amount field put a negative sign in front of the dollar amount.

Example: -$550.00

Fill out all of the fields (noted by the red astrisk *) and add other appropriate fields such as the Comment field explaining the reason for the adjustment.

Enter the transaction amount in negative value

Step 6: Once you have finished filling out the appropriate fields, click on the Save Expense button.

select the save expense button

Step 7: From there you will see the total amount of your expense report go down by the amount indicated.

Example: -$550.00  

Expense report amount goes down

Need more help?

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